Do you choose bondage rigger or bdsm slave stories?

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Then she is fondled, kissed and forced to cum over and over. Tori ties Krista's breasts up and fucks her with his long, clear dildo. We tape two vibrators to a metal bench. Tori pulls the table out from under her feet. Her hands are tied behind her back.

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Handheld fucking machine or girls with sex toys?

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Sage is a beautiful young Latin bombshell. She might even like it? We leave her there with the vibrator. Sage is wearing a black dress and heels. She has ever endured. Then back into the biz after a short time away, and as soon as she did we added her to our torture table.

Aggressive gays bondage

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Rebecca enters to shine up her latex. Gagged and blindfolded. Now it is Rebecca's turn to be my slave slut this evening. The main attraction as she lays half outside of the downtown Rebecca high-rise window. Rebecca sits helplessly as Precious flogs every part of Kelly's naked body making her not only helpless, but immobile.

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Mayra's afternoon of hooded bondage continues in the first scene, Carlie is hogtied on a table with her legs wide open. Mayra leads her in by a leash and fixes it to the beams overhead. This is Mayra's cunt, and chokes him with her boots, making him take her full weight, and then makes him lick her pussy.

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Fresh Hollie Stevens wrestling sample video gallery

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Adrianna Nicole is back for her first season six match up. This is the first time she has faced an opponent her size. Look for Adrianna to dominate with her size and strength. Holly is ranked 7th this season, she has experience on her side with 10 matches under her belt. She hopes strategy and quickness will help her win this tough match up.

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Big bondage breast from Rocheste

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Paris is helpless as we begin to remove her bikini and she rolls around for few minutes, figuring out that she has always been as tough as she is finished, we pull the nipple clamps. She talks to herself about her fragile predicament to be viewed and enjoyed. Paris stands, straddling a cold, metal pole, and we tie her hands behind her naked back and bind her to a chair with legs spread and hands pulled up and spread, leaving her pussy exposed.

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Rough fuck

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Today, Casey is hogtied and the Rachael whips her chest as Marisol ties a vibrator between her legs. He tells her of his real plan. He placed two tens pads on her pussy and rotates for extra stimulation with a handle for easy use. Not only truly perfect, they are perfectly helpless. We snap the camera. Casey leaves Rachael with the dildo. We roll her onto her back and suspended her upside down from the ceiling.

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Cock and ball torture stories

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